How To Make Automated Emails FUN

It’s no longer a secret that most of the emails you get are automated - triggered by an action you take somewhere on someones website.

But as someone who cares about marketing, that’s no excuse to resort to default corporate-babble.

Don’t write boring email copy!

I really liked this example from a support ticket I submitted a few minutes ago:

As they acknowledged, automated emails are necessary when it comes to customer support. They even gave the bot a name!

So if you must send automated emails, then why not make those emails enjoyable to receive?

Worst case: it never gets read and ends up in spam like 99% of confirmation emails.

Best case: the person receiving the email feels special, has a laugh, or decides to write back with feedback (the best engagement indicator).

Don’t waste any opportunity to entertain or educate your customers!


PS. To prove my point, I composed this from my dining room table on Monday evening, but you won’t get it until Thursday morning. How ‘bout them apples! Hopefully you learned something. If not, let me know what you’re curious about by replying to this email.